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Hair Salons in Virginia Beach offer Hair Coloring Advice and Services

One of the more popular options for styling one’s hair is changing its color. Women value the experience of having their trusted Virginia Beach hair salon dye their hair just to get the perfect color ,balayage ,ombre ,color melting to suit their style. expert hair styling, however, also involves the best knowledge of natural hair color and its correlation to one’s own skin tone, as to receive the best color results to compliment your total fashion look.

Hair Salons Color Advice

An article posted on shares important insights on how proper hair coloring should not simply be a matter of personal preference but should focus more on the best options corresponding with one’s skin color. According to the article, the pigments in our skin and hair should dictate the shade and color of hair that are most appropriate with one’s personal appearance.

Hair Salons Color Level Scale

“Hair color is measured in two ways: by the level and the shade. Color level runs on a scale of one to 10 with one being the darkest color, like jet-black and 10 being the lightest color, like platinum blonde. Within each of those levels are the color pigments—eumelanin (black-brown) and pheomelanin (red-brown), which control the shade of the hair. Dark hair (levels 1-4), contains many red pigments and blonde hair (levels 7-10) consists of mainly golden pigments. If your hair shade is somewhere in the middle (levels 5-6), you’re going to have more orange pigments, a combination of the red and yellow.”

Hair Salons Color Limitation

Hair coloring is one of the more physically appealing options you’ll find among a hair salon’s services. It can make a person more unique, depending on the shades and level she can apply to her hair. Though options for hair coloring are limited due to one’s skin color, experimenting with these options can still bring out a more unique hairstyle, depending on a hair expert’s advice and the customer’s own discretion.

Hair coloring is only one of the many services that can be utilized by professional hair salons in Virginia Beach. To learn more about hair coloring,hair melting, ombre,balyage and other hair styles, one can inquire with groups like Amici Style for information.

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